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Sketchy Concepts & Random Thoughts: Don't You (Forget About Seebo)

Last night I was working on drawing my character from for one of my D&D campaigns, "The PheGnomenal" Seebo Homeforger, a Level 5 Rock Gnome Bard. As I was sketching out different poses, (hands to the side, looking to the distance, etc.), 'till I eventually landed on Seebo walking away raising his fist in victory. The further I got into sketching, I started thinking about rock and metal songs, since that's kinda what I went for with Seebo (he used to be a drummer in a band called The Bardy Boys).

Eventually it popped into my head and I realized what this stance reminded me of: the final shot of The Breakfast Club (1985), when Bender (Judd Nelson) fist bumps the air in glory after leaving detention. I could hear Simple Mind's Don't You (Forget About Me) playing in my Not-So-Simple Mind (see what I did there?). It's one of the most iconic and satisfying shots in cinematic history. Probably one of my favourite '80s movies of all time, aside from a few others like Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, and The Empire Strikes Back. I may be a '90s kid, but there's something 'bout the 1980s that's just fascinating and unique to me, plus a lot of my favourite things were from that decade.

A good start to this piece, still a lot to work on, but I can't wait to finish and show the final product. Somehow this final shot feels like a fitting bit of inspiration I can use for Seebo's character image.

Just a random thought and sketch from yours truly,

Christopher "the Fishman" Tari

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