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Double Announcement Combo!!

Greetings and Salutations everyone!!

Hope everyone is doing well out there, practicing social distancing and washing your hands. I have two big pieces of news to share, with one having to do with the other. Let's dive into this double combo announcement with the first one:



Yes folks, although convention season may seem like a no-go for the foreseeable future, to quote Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back, "there is another." Mainframe Comic Con is a free admission convention that will be taking place ONLINE from April 25-26, featuring several guests, artists, and cosplayers. Even though it's free, they'll also be raising money for American Red Cross and Hero Initiative.

And like any Comic Con, There will be an Artist Alley, featuring yours truly, and a slew of other amazing artists. Now, I can already hear you asking, "but Chris, if this convention is online, and you're practicing social distancing while washing your hands for the 100th time today, how ever will you sell your amazing artwork?" Well that leads into my next announcement...



You heard it right: I have officially opened up shop on my website!! Now you too can own an original Chris Tari masterpiece aside from myself. The store's still fairly new, so it's gonna evolve and have more products added to it as time goes on, but there's still plenty to see that's available, including custom commissions both print and digital (price will vary depending on the specs).

And to continue the practices of social distancing and keeping clean in these tough times, prints are currently available for purchase and downloading, that way you can print them out for display once things clear up out there. A link to my shop will also be clickable on Mainframe Comic Con's site, on the Artist Alley's page.

Check out the Fishman Art Shop, now open 24/7.

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