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Welcome to the Video Page. Here there will be short films posted created by yours truely...

Personal Channel:

D&R's Power Distribution Unit (2019)

A short promotional product video for D&R Electronics by Christopher Tari


Medium: After Effects Digital Film

Director/Camera/Editor: Christopher Tari

1950's Science Fiction Chess in the Third Dimension (2017)

A short film by Christopher Tari


Medium: Maya 3D Software, After Effects Digital Film

Director/Camera/Editor/Modeler/Texture Artist: Christopher Tari


I pay tribute to classic cinematic science fiction films of the 1950s in the form of chess, featuring such icons from films like Godzilla (1954), Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1950), Earth vs the Flying Saucers (1956), Forbidden Planet (1956), The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951),  and The Blob (1958). This is also the first time I had not only made a full Maya 3D model set with texture, but it is also the first 3D Maya piece I've made a video of.

Christopher "The Fishman" Tari: Intro Video (2016)

A short film by Christopher Tari


Medium: Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, Digital Film

Director/Camera/Editor/Animator: Christopher Tari


A short intro video I had made for my YouTube channel and for other videos made by me to give the viewer and understanding of who I am and know who the video is coming from, giving it a feel of fun, silly and enjoyable entertainment.

Homage to Chaplin (2015)

A short film by Christopher Tari


Medium: Live-Action Short Digital Film

Director/Camera/Editor/Actor Christopher Tari


I pay homage to one of the greatest Silent Film Actors of all time with my 1-minute short recreation of the "Non-sense Dance" from one of his most well-known films, Modern Times (1936).

Companion (2014)

A short film by Christopher Tari


Medium: Stop-Motion Animation/Live-Action Hybrid

Director/Camera/Editor/Animator/Human Character: Christopher Tari

Creature created and designed by Christopher Tari


While working away, a young man is lulled into sleep as he is whisked away into a magical forest, where he meets an unlikely soul...

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