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Logos / Thumbnails / Icons

This page presents the previous logos and thumbnails I have designed for companies or Youtube channels (Links to pages in image description).


Updated Fishman Logo (2020)

An updated logo for the new year/decade ahead. Created using Photoshop.
D&R Electronics Co. Ltd. Logo (2019)

Updated D&R Logo and Website (2019)

An updated logo for D&R Electronics Co. Ltd. created using Adobe Illustrator.
I've also assisted in the design/aesthetics, banners, images, and thumbnails of the updated website.
Guinness Group Bike Team Logo (2019)

Guinness Group Bike Team (2019)

A logo inspired by the Beer of the same name, this was a logo designed in Adobe Illustrator for the jerseys of a team participating in a fundraising bike race.

D&R TRUCK-STOR Logo (2017)

Designing a new and updated logo for a division of D&R Electronics, as well as help in the design/look of the website of the D&R Truck-Stor. Helping maintain the the products and information on it.


POL-TAR Logo (2017)

A logo designed for a golf tournament team, using both names as well as the colours of both Italian and Greek flags.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of MARTHA! Roundtable Review

Thumbnail/Background Graphic

Tri-City Roller Derby's Beaver Fever 2015

Shirt Logo

Christopher "The Fishman" Tari Logo and Mascot (2015)

Originally created for a university art project where I had to create a fictional comic book character based off myself, and a nickname I've had since childhood, I've since used these as personal branding for my portfolio and social media. showing off both my artistic talents and quirky sense of humour. Orange happens to be my favourite colour, so I decided to implement that into the logo.

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